Tumbling and Cheerleading


Learn to Flip is perfect for boys & girls of any age who want to learn to flip. Dream offers many great classes so that kids learn to safely flip on both floor and trampoline. These classes are great for cheerleaders, dancers, divers, karate and/or daredevils!  Tumbling programs don’t get better than ours.

Learn to Flip   

Ages 6 and up (coed)
This 60 minute class is designed to teach students their first flips. Students will learn walkovers as well as front and back handsprings.

Flip 2   

This 90 minute class teaches advanced tumbling skills to qualified students beginning with front and back tucks.

Flip 3

This 120 minute class is designed for students  working  fulls, layouts and more.

Join in on the Fun With Our Cheerleading Program!


Cheerleading classes at Dream Gymnastics Academy are great for those trying to find a new way to exercise or are looking to learn the basics! 

Cheer 101:  Monday 6pm-7:30pm

    This class is geared for athletes age 7+.  No prior cheerleading experience required.  Athletes will learn the foundation of cheerleading through jump preparation & technique, basic motion memorization as well as intro to stunting. 

Jr High/High School Jumps and Stunt:  Monday 8pm-9pm

    This class is geared for athletes 7th grade and above that have a basic knowledge of cheerleading, with a focus primarily on jumps and stunts.  Class groups will be spilt according to age and experience.  


We teach a variety of skills to students, such as motion, jump techniques, dance, stunting, and tumbling!

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