Tramp and Tumbling


Trampoline and Tumbling,otherwise known as TnT is for all  children who love to run, bounce, fly, spin, and have lots of fun. Dream TnT is for boys and girls who love to fly and challenge themselves.

TnT is a physically demanding sport that is so much fun that the children often willing  push themselves more than our students taking other classes. Trampoline requires the development of core body strength in order to hit and maintain positions. Tumbling requires speed, power and strength along with well-developed core strength.

All of the TnT events build confidence, concentration, courage, and discipline.

 Beginning TnT     

We start at the very beginning with rolls, handstands, and cartwheels on Rod- floor. Trampoline  we start  developing the strength and core strength that athletes will need to master even the basic skills.

  Intermediate TnT     

This level introduces more advanced skills including  front and back flips on trampoline. While incorperating  cartwheels, round-offs,   Back handprings with the introduction to back flip.



This level focus on advanced skills including  layouts and twisting flips on trampoline. While incorperating  back tucks, layouts,  Front arieals with the introduction to back fulls  off rod-floor.

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