Competitive Team

Womens Artistic   

Our Competitive Gymnastics Program invites those students who show interest in making gymnastics a significant part of their life.

We begin our competitive team program at level 2 for girls and continuing through level 10. They are progressive programs where the students develop strength, flexibility, and key gymnastics skills.

Athletes also learn to build psychological qualities such as the courage, responsibility, discipline, work ethic, and teamwork. Our coaches teach strength, flexibility, and basic to advanced gymnastics skills in a structured, disciplined, yet enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere.

 Tramp and Tumbling    

Dream Gymnastics Academy is proud to offer a Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling Team (TNT) for boys and girls ages 5 & up. Participants will learn new,fun, and exciting skills and routines on trampoline and tumbling. Dream Gymnastics Academy TnT Team will comprise levels 4 thru 10 as developed by USA Gymnastics. All this will be offered in a fun and safe environment where athletes will develop teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship as they prepare for competition. TnT is a great way to develop spatial awareness, body control, and confidence as they learn and develop new skill...and it's FUN!!


Xcel provides a great alternative to the USAG program by allowing gymnasts the opportunity to compete and progress their skills in a low pressure environment, but without the heavy time and financial commitments required by USAG.


Xcel athletes also have the opportunity to compete at an earlier level and are permitted to compete optional skills at an earlier level, thereby giving them a greater opportunity for individual success and achievement.

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